5ltr Liquid Intelligence 115

Liquid Intelligence 115 - 100% Synthetic Motorcycle Coolant. 5 Litre Work Shop can In todays competition motorcycles where performance and low weight are paramount temperature stabilty is never easy to achieve, low coolant volumes, poor radiator performance, from clogging or low speed airflow, and extreme conditions are commonplace, all of these factors can create boil-over and heat transfer loss of the cooling system leading to premature engine wear or expensive failure. Liquid Intelligence 115 is designed to promote nucleate boiling maintaining heat transfer and increasing boil-over protection to 190'c, it also contains no water, therefore removing the main catalyst for engine corrosion, replacing it instead with its own 100% synthetic anti-corrosion formula that coats and protects your engines cooling system and its parts no matter what material they are constructed from. Technical. Liquid Intelligence 115 is a 100% synthetically formulated high temperature waterless total fill motorcycle coolant that gives boil-over protection up to 190'c and a freezing point of -56c, it is 30% more thermally efficient than traditional water/glycol based coolants and contains no water. By removing the main catalyst for engine and cooling system corrosion, water, Liquid Intelligence 115's anti-corrosion carboxylate formula coats the internal parts of the cooling system, this carboxylate layer actual inhibits corrosion to all materials in the cooling system and in BS, AS , SAE, European and Jaso testing, which allows a 'Standard Tested and Approved' coolant to effectively remove 15mg of engine casting material through erosion and corrosion whilst in an engines cooling system, found Liquid Intelligence 115 to remove only 1mg in the same tests, proving its anti corrosion formula to be 15 times better than the industry standard allowance for coolant products. Liquid Intelligence 115 also remains stable for 7 years or 350,000km whilst still giving maximum protection to your engine.

Liquid Intelligence 115